Personal Narrative Of My Non-Military Folks My Life

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On October 20,2005 at approximately 0500 hours, 5 am for all you Non-Military folks my life changed for the better. I woke up to 10 men and 6 women yelling at the top of their lungs… “Get up, you lazy sacks of shits.” At this point, all I could do was bow my head and ask my Heavenly Father up above, what did I get myself into. Once I opened my eyes and focused on what was going on around me, I thought nothing like this could ever happen in the world we live in. The other soldiers around me were stumbling out of their bunks trying to maintain what the Army calls your military bearing. All you heard was the loud thunderous sounds of lockers being pushed over by Drill Sergeants demonstrating to us what could happen more often in our days to come
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