Personal Narrative: Olivia

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Olivia was amazing. Her kindness was a strange love, but when she loved you, you always knew. She was crazy in the best way possible. At UBMS, we shared a dorm. It was the closest we had ever been and being in that room with her for six weeks brought us closer than either of us thought we would ever be. We stayed up some nights till nearly one in the morning. We were both going through difficulties and they were more similar than we had known. One night I was telling Olivia about the fight Benjamin and I were in at the time. I had told him I was Atheist and he had not taken it well, as I had expected. She sounded a little shocked when the word ‘atheist’ had left my lips. I heard her shift, sit up, and turn. I couldn’t see her but I could feel…show more content…
And that made me sad because my friends were Olivia’s friends too. But before she finished and I got the opportunity to say anything else, we both drifted to sleep and never spoke of that again. But we both remembered. Any time something bad happened and someone asked to pray, or we when we had a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting with the girls,we would make faces at each other or do random things to keep each other distracted. And when we got back to our dorms, we would always make conversation about how it was unfair to us Atheists to call it a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting. But we never really cared what they called it. No one learned anything in those meetings. We shared a few secrets like that throughout UBMS. Never really leaving each other’s side. These are the things that keep me up at night now. I haven’t truly slept since the day I found out she was gone. My nights are full of memories that beat my heart to a pulp. I cry until I can’t summon any more tears. And then I drift into a restless sleep. No dreams. Only the playback of days filled with Olivia. I’m so afraid to loose her memory that my mind keeps those memories on repeat and when I wake, I have an ache in my heart and my teeth clenched like a
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