Personal Narrative On Celia Evora

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The next day in school everyone was talking about how I had won the game and everything and how cool I was with it. What I was waiting for was my new streak to begin. So I’m walking down the hall and who’s coming down the hall with her two girlfriends but none other than Celia Evora, her loveliness. “H-Hey C-Celia,” I manage to spit out of my quivering mouth. The suavity I usually had was nonexistent around Celia. “D-Did you see the game last night?” She raises an eyebrow and looks at me with a face either expressing disgust, or confusion. She gives her hair a quick swish and continues walking. The two wannabes trailing her giggled as I looked down in shame. I quickly looked up and kept walking, acting like it hadn’t happened, but the deed had already been done. Every kid in the hallway was whispering and gossiping about the…show more content…
Except, I wasn’t really alone. There was a girl a few lockers down, who had managed to get her hair stuck in her jacket zipper. She had long golden brown hair, with pretty green eyes. To me, she looked just as pretty as Celia, and I wondered how I’d never seen her around. “Hey, need some help?” She looked up startled as I walked over to her. “Um, thanks, It’s been a rough day so far.” She smiled shyly while I helped her with her zipper. “You new?” “Yes, it’s my first day, and it hasn’t been great so far.” “What’s your name?” “Katie.” “Well Katie, I’m already late, so I might as well help you to your class. Who do you have?” “Mrs. Reed.” “That’s who I have.” She pulled her hair behind her ears and started walking to her class and I trailed behind. “So,” “So?” “Did you hear about the dance tonight?’ I looked down and realized my hands had gone clammy and my sweatshirt was really hot all the sudden. “Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna go, I don’t want to go
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