Personal Narrative On Grads

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He went to school the next day in style. At the end of the day there was a show. He revved my engine up and let the clutch go and a few scents later there was red and blue smoke pouring out of the wheel wheel. And went home when he came back to school all of his teachers told him that he was failing all of of his class. He said how is that pobel I just checked my grads last night and I had good grads I'm passing all of my class not falling them. They said well you're falling so we have to kick you out. He said you can not do that. they said yes we can. He said ok you will be hearing from my lawyer later today. So he went home.
So they set up a quart date because you can not just kick a kid out of school for no reason. So he told the judge what happened. He said I went in to school on thursday the 12 of october and when I Went to my first
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They used all of these pellets and they had real guns. Then the though the tier gas behind the car and they took that chance to run they ran like crazy out of there. But the mexicans started to shot and did not stop the let there hole clip into their bodies. And they all dropped died. And the mexicans said they were trying to jump the border. And they got away with murder.
They only got away with it for a week then they hired that the cops were looking for them. So they went on the run. Not to long after they got caught. Trying to jump the border of canada. So they were sent to jail. They denied everything. But the cops had evidence that they did it. All the bullets matched there gun. BUSTED!!!!!
So they went to trial and were all found guilty. So the cops put them in there cuffed and walked them away. Then there were these guys in ski mask. They were bringing in a big wooden box. That had a boom in it. They said if you do not do what i tell you to do then i will blow you all up. Lets just say nobody walked out of that courtroom that day or went home to their fameily’s. THE
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