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It was just a normal sunny day in my fish bowl, not a feline insight which meant it was going to relatively worry free day. This place was still unfamiliar to me. I was just a fresh caught goldfish at the local pet store, until my new owner came and chose me for some special purpose he was saving me for. Maybe he will train me to do new tricks like the animals at the zoo, I thought to myself. Either way, what it was is going to be unveiled to me and everyone at the party my owner was hosting tonight. As the sun hit the horizon the music and chants began to increase in volume and the more and more alcohol the college students consumed. Eventually, the people that were at the party started to admit new members that were unfamiliar to me. They started out doing idiotic stuff such as consuming more and more alcohol through different and strange means until they reached a point where they were to do their final test. Lone and behold it was to swallow me alive and whole. Without as much as a warning, the strange person grabbed me by my caudal fin and dropped me into his mouth. Since the object of the challenge was to swallow me whole I didn’t get to see the…show more content…
The only difference is that where my bowl was trying to keep me alive this was trying to break me apart. The water I spoke about was the gastric acid, the main digestive component in the human body. It contains a variety of different components such as, hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen (a precursor enzyme that is activated by the hydrochloric acid), and lipase. The pepsin in the gastric fluid main function is to aid in the breakdown of proteins alongside the acid. While the lipase had the responsibility of breaking down fats. With that being said there are two types of lipase, one that is created by the chief cells in the stomach and another created by the pancreas. They both meet up in the gastric acid to complete the same
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