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At age 10, I would hide notes in her yard, I would stick deep within the bushes or far within the trees. I had bought fake blood at Benny’s Halloween Store and would run the bright liquid prop across the trees sometimes on the notes. Every note lead to another clue. Every clue lead to her discovering something. At one point the final note lead to a barbie doused in blood. I wasn’t always that mean though. Sometimes she would find things such as money or candy. Solving mysteries was her favorite hobby. She was excellent at it. She was addicted to the suspense brought by it. Although, the older we got, the less in touch we were. I was mowing my lawn when I saw a girl running. She was in beat up clothing without any shoes on her feet. She was…show more content…
She was awfully familiar, but I could not tell where I knew her from. That night the police station had called. They informed me of a murder while mentioning there being only one witness, named Jenny. At that moment I realized that she was the blonde that fell on the sidewalk earlier that day. After the phone call, I headed directly down to the police station for more information. Upon my arrival, Jenny was speaking with the FBI. I approached them to get further information on the murder. A detective told me that a woman was murdered in her home with no certain cause of death. The prime suspect was Jenny who had been landscaping the victim’s house. Jenny had went in the front door of the house to tell the victim that he arrived as told previously to do so by the…show more content…
I forgot that she is very uneasy about certain things. Being stubborn was in her blood. It still frustrates me every time. However, I could not let that distract me during this time of the crime scene. Upon arrival, I was told that the victim’s file was ready to be analyzed once I was done investigating the crime scene. The front of the house was a military green color which was very unusual. The garage happened to be the same color and the porch was very small in size with two concrete stairs leading up to the front door. There were many bushes, shrubs and various flowers planted throughout the yard. Two old wooden steps lead to a side door to the house. I started by entering through the

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