Personal Narrative On Snowboarding And Skiing

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When I was twelve years old my best friend’s family decided to try snowboarding and skiing for the first time, that’s when I learned my lesson. My best friend at the time was 14, he lived right down the road from my house and his family was my second family for a long time. His name was John, he invited me on the trip as well. We went to my house to ask my parents about the trip five day snowboarding trip. I asked them separately and got two different answers. My dad was all for it, he even offered to pay for everything. My mom on the other hand was worried because it was all the way in Pennsylvania and it was five days away from me . The fact that I had never been on a snowboard or skis in my life didn’t help my argument either. So as the day approached I still hadn't received a direct answer from my mom. So Tim, my friend’s dad went to my house and reassured her that I was in good hands and all that good stuff. When he arrived back at his house he said through my friend’s door “ Get packed we are leaving in two days” and the arrangements were made. On the day of the trip, my dad gave Tim the money for my equipment and such. He also turned to me and handed me my very first 100 dollar bill for whatever I wanted or needed on the trip. My mom handed me a prepaid cell phone and she told me to call her twice a day. I went…show more content…
After about a half hour of walking down the mountain I sat on my snowboard to take a break. When I stood up the board slid out from under me and started making it’s way down the mountain without me. In turn, I was forced to chase it, as it caused other snowboarders and skiers to dodge and avoid my board and me. The people who caught my board were in there twenties and did not have any sympathy for the situation and laughed at me for being scared to fall off the mountain. If I ever try snowboarding again, I will know not to take off the snowboard while on the mountain and that’s how I learned my
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