Personal Narrative On The Journey Of Ducky

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The Journey of Ducky I was in the back seat looking at my eyelids closed tightly in my carseat, my grandma and mom were in the front seat talking while we drove to my great grandma Jones house. As soon as we walked through the door she gave me biggest bear hug I have ever gotten before. Walking to the couch my mom asked,¨How is your cancer?¨ She answered cheerless ¨ I only have a few weeks to live.¨ My grandma and mom became dejected for a few minutes. My mom handed me to my grandma who fed me my baby bottle,after They decided to put me on the ground to let me crawl around. While I was on the floor I saw these yellow and orange things under the 2 tiered coffee table as I tried to get it I couldn't so, finally, my mom grabbed it for me…show more content…
While I was taking my afternoon nap I heard ¨Bling aling.¨ My mom rushed into the room and she answered, ¨Hello this is Shalene Lawson¨ While starting to cry he said ¨ We'll be there.¨and grabbed me out of my crib and got me ready, we hopped in the car and drove. As, we drove to my mom and grandma were balling their eyes out. Soon we got to my grandma's house and we rushed to her room and saw her in her bed but, she didn't give me that big bear hug. On her stomach was the orange and yellow thing, I tried to grab it but my mom just gave it to me in tears. They grabbed these big brown things and started to put her stuff in there. My mom found another orange and yellow thing and didn't put it in the big brown box thing she put it in my diaper bag while giving it a kiss. She and my grandma were heart broken. A person came up to my mom and said,¨ I'm sorry for your lost.¨ and left I´m now 11 and during that time me and my duck went through everything together being sick, camping,and even running arens. This is the duck that reminds me of my great grandma who loved me more than anything in the world. He sits on my bed and never will
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