Personal Narrative On Trial

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My trial was hard and brutal. The hardest thing was to see that people, that I didn’t even know, want me dead for something that I am physically not capable of doing. You all know me, and who I really am. Most of you probably don’t care about what I have to say, and most of you don’t care what happens to me, but I know some of you do truly believe me. I was framed, and the evidence even proves that I didn’t do it, but no one believes a black man .I mean how could I choke a strong woman like Mayella, and keep her down to where she can’t get up, with my crippled arm. I would never do such a thing to anyone, and I hope you all know that. This justice system is not fair, and I knew there would be no way out of this mess.

When Bob Ewell took
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I knew her testimony had been practiced, how else would her side of the fake story and Mr. Ewell’s side be the same. When Mayella was walking to the witness stand, I knew that they would believe what the ‘victim’ said, even if she did lie. She just sat there and fibbed to practically the whole city, and said, “That nigger yonder took advantage of me an’ if you fine fancy gentlemen don’t wanna do nothin’ about it, then you’re all yellow stinkin cowards…( Lee 251 ). She insulted those gentlemen, and they still believed her. I was a gonner the second that Bob filed that rape…show more content…
. He told me he would do everything possible, and I know he would, but I also know it would never be enough. He could do whatever he thought would win the case, I won’t stop him, but we have to remember that the court has the final call. I mean, are they really going to allow my case to be easy? Atticus has got a way of making people crack in the courtroom, by using the evidence. Maybe that’s what's makes him such a good lawyer. “ Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father?”( Lee 251). Unfortunately, even though Atticus scrutinized the evidence, and did all that he could. I wonder if Atticus thought that I would easily get free with him as my lawyer, because it seems that way now. No matter what evidence he brought to the table, or what he told people, I knew no one would listen, so I have to make a run for
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