Personal Narrative: On Your Mark's Race

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Winded, with my legs forfeiting into a stagger, a bilious feeling began to build in my gut as the stark reality of losing began to sink in. I had fallen behind. My window of opportunity was closing by the meter, and my dream to qualify and finish on the podium, becoming more distant, as I watched the other runners make strides towards the finish line. Losing focus had led me to this moment where I was running someone else’s race in which, I have found myself completely OUT of the race.
100 meters (Freshman) On Your Mark! Get Set! Go! Freshman year had started with a bang; I was off to the races. I powered out of the blocks with drive and determination, my head down, focused on the year ahead. My grades were up to speed and I was in the race. With picture-perfect form and technique, my GPA was at a 3.5, and my attendance was virtually perfect, despite mishaps such as being sick, At the end of my freshman year, I was in a promising position to win the race.
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Unfortunately, all that changed in a split second, the wrong friends, the confusion of who I am, along with the desire to fit in, all plagued my next two 100m – (sophomore & Junior). I found myself entangled with the wrong crowd; running their race. I was skipping class, not studying, not doing my homework, even losing the desire to win or even stay in the race. As a result, I began losing speed and coast which plummeted my GPA to a 2.9. These obstacles had blinded me; thus, I have lost sight of who I was as a runner. I had to do something to get back in the race as, these impediments, much like a torn hamstring was decreasing the speed I needed to

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