Personal Narrative: Ontrack

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When I began Ontrack I was very fearful of feedback, I saw it as judgement. I am now excited when I get feedback, I now see it as a platform to fix issues or have a greater understanding of what I am doing right. Granted, I have been exceeding my expectations of myself, so I am aware that if this changes will have to deal with the previous issues of feeling judged. Albeit I am now prepared for this instance which is important to me. The comfort zone I had created was very scary to give up, the fear of what I thought was ‘failure’ was somewhat crippling. Luckily for me with the help of my tutor and peers I realized that a growth mindset was pivotal and to obtain it I would have to succumb. The shift from a fixed to a growth mindset has made…show more content…
Google and Google Scholar are my best friends, we have a very good relationship whereby I can ask as many questions as I like and they don’t get frustrated with me. I have found that being self-reliant in my learning has really paid off, by questioning, I have improved in my submissions. I am getting a lot better at everything I have tried throughout Ontrack but, I very much look forward to things becoming second nature. My tutor has been the reason I am at the point that I am, in providing tools and not necessarily answers, I have had no choice but to understand in order to improve. I am a very structured person and have always felt comfortable getting complete direction so I knew what was expected. I feel this has not necessarily made me learn much but given me a step by step map to get through things. I my last portfolio reflection I said that I thought I was ready for University. If I am honest with myself I would say that I was trying to talk myself into it. As of this portfolio I truly believe in myself, I truly believe I am
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