Personal Narrative: Open Internship Position At Desales University

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Before accepting the position to intern in the Web Communications department of DeSales University, I started by asking multiple people if they knew of any open internship opportunities on campus. Since I did not have a car, I needed something that was on campus because I would have no way of getting to any position off campus. I started by asking Nick Luchko if there were any open internship positions in his office in McShae. I had been a part of the L.E.A.DSU program with him and we had stayed in contact ever since. Unfortunately, he did not have any open positions or know of any, so I then asked my supervisor and professor, Dr. McKnight. Dr. McKnight referred me to Tom McNamara, who is the Executive Director of Communications at DeSales. I had an initial internship with Tom about the three positions that were available in the office and what each one entailed. A few days after this, Tom referred me to Kristin Laudenslager, who is the director of Web Communications at DeSales. After reaching out to me in the first week of December, I had an interview with Kristin later that week. A few days later, Kristin emailed me offering me the position of the social media intern. I accepted…show more content…
After that, we opened up the Snapchat to different groups on campus such as Residence Life and Character U. This helped the Snapchat become more popular with current students and prospective students, especially. Now that we have seen how successful these takeovers can be, Takeover Tuesdays will be available for all students to sign up for to show the day in the life of a DeSales student or an exciting event on campus. My involvement with the other day’s content was minimal at first, only making suggestions and finding quotes that could be used, however, over the course of the semester, I was able to start deciding and writing content for what would be able to be posted on the social media
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