Personal Narrative: Oreius

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First things first: I shouldn’t be alive. I mean I shouldn’t be dead either, but, hmmm, I guess what I mean to to say is that I shouldn't have been born. But enough with that, or I’ll just sound like a whiny kid. Hi, I’m Nicholas Blackwood and I hate my father. My father? My father is O...BAMM!! Dang it, here they come again.
Ever since I turned 14 monsters have been chasing me. Yes, you heard me correctly, monsters. A few griffins, a few thousand harpies, that's pretty usual for demigods. But no one, not even in the demigod world has my followers. The worst thing in the world: the twins.Two of the greatest hunters of all time have been hunting me down: Apollo and Artemis. The only reason I’m still alive is because they search for me from the sky,
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I realized I had only a few minutes before Oreius was free, and then both of them would be after me. So I ran...again. I ran, but stopped shortly...I was on my tiptoes, 2 inches from the cliff. I hadn’t noticed until now that I’ve been running up hill. As I stood, looking down at the ocean, I began to back away from the cliff. I backed to a safe distance and did a slow 360. On my left, about a mile away on a different cliff, was a lighthouse like in cartoons with red and white stripes. To my right was was the outer edge of the cliff, with wild waves crashing way down below. As I was about to jump back into the forest, the twins came out. Oreius on the right and Agrius on the left. As they stepped into the light, I finally saw how they truly looked. Oreius had the top half of a brown bear, his fur was waving almost as if light passed through it. His not had sharp teeth with jagged edges like sharks. The beast was almost 6 feet. His brother was an exact copy of him except for his bear portion of his body. Agrius was a black bear instead of a brown bear. Also is snout was a couple inches longer, but his ear was a bit stubby. Other than that they were pretty much the
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