Personal Narrative - Original Writing ' Music Box '

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Everything was perfect, until the accident that changed our lives. Our dad left us when we were little. We don’t have any memory of reconcile of him. He left one night and never came back. It was just me, Melody, and Moma. When Daddy left, Moma wouldn’t do anything but play the old song she said that Daddy loved to play. Shortly after that, she started playing other songs, we would dance around the sittin’ room every night after supper. Moma playing the piano and Melody and I moving in on the carpeted floor. It wasn’t a large Victorian house or nothing fancy. Just a small brick red house in the back woods just off the city line. Moma never liked nothing really fancy. My sister and I grew up learning to play music. Everywhere we turned,…show more content…
I waltz over and turn it up. When I return to my place beside my sister, the wind dances through the wind chimes creating a harmony with the music box. My sister glances down on me with eyes of longing, she being the older of the two of us at 17, and her fingers hover over the keys, begging for her to touch them. Melody Music, the prodigy of the house is stuck, trying to remember what it was like before, before everything changed. And as if she heard my thoughts, she started playing. Her fingers flew across the keys sending out a melody that matched the wind and the music box. A symphony that filled the house. I closed my eyes… “This is a G,” Moma pointed out as she showed me the chord. It was my turn, I placed my fingers on the keys and pressed down. My finger slipped so it came out all wonky like. I winced. “It’s okay Baby, try again,” she placed her hand over mine and guided my hands to the keys. My hand pressed down and the sound came out. “I did it Moma!” I was so excited. Melody applauded me from her place on the sofa where she was reading her book. Moma hugged me. “I wanna do another one, “I told her. “Okay, this is an A,” she moved my hands again, pressed down, and another beautiful sound came out. “Here, you wanna see something cool?” Moma raised her eyes at me. “Yeah!” Moma picked me up and sat me beside her. Her hands began to move. The sweet song that filled the house filled my ears, my lungs, my stomach, my heart.
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