Personal Narrative: P. O. L.

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As any other young boy, my dad had interests and hobbies; some hobbies stuck while other interests didn’t. Some of these hobbies consisted of boxing, football, fishing and watching movies, and as he got older, fixing each and every house he has lived in where he got stationed. To start, my dad would box growing up in the P.O.L.; “ As a child, I was in POL, Police Athletic League, a program that tried to bridge the gap between police officers and the community.” said my dad. The P.O.L. was in charge of the boxing going around in the community and they sponsored the boys in the violent neighborhood; they bought them uniforms, took the boys out of state,and taught them how to boxing. My dad was taught, through boxing, how to let some of his frustration and anger out, and it has helped him learn to keep his cool. My dad used this method of releasing his pent up emotion through his…show more content…
Even now my dad will spend hours of every day just to watch new shows, movies, and the news. “I’ve always loved movies since I was younger!” said my dad; the fact that they could take my dad in and away from his own life amazed him and he loved it. His love and passion for movies and shows today are above and beyond the regular. My dad’s, and mine now, hobby of watch movies and TV is so serious that it’s safe to say we own at least four hundred movies. One thing about the news that always seems to pull my dad in was the presidential elections. During the months of August 2016 through January 2017, my dad was the most worried about the outcome of the election and wouldn’t leave the TV. Now that the president is Donald Trump, my dad watches the news for a different reason. The TV is now always used to watch the the news on what Donald Trump said or did; things like Trumps alternative facts are always played just like the new news of Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, might being able to be
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