Personal Narrative : ' Palate Dreams '

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TownMonJennie ‘Palate Dreams’ From the time I remember, I wanted to be an artist, Jinine Slots, the artist. I wanted to paint the world with all the colors that could have existed in the palate where I made shades. So I always worked in that direction. But there is a thing called talent. Well, it’s a fact that hard work kick ass of talent everyday and in so many spheres talent is overrated but still in my field, in the field of art and colors, it meant a lot. I did not lacked the perspective but might be the hand of a painter. But I did not give up on that thought. I studied art, I enhanced my critical ability regarding art, I started to judge it. By 22, I achieved a degree in critical assessment of art pieces. By 25 I made a reputation and owned a art gallery. Tonight was the launch of the gallery and rather than any famous painter I had my mother to do the honor of cutting the ribbon. It was her craft full icing on the cake that made me want to become a artist. I was very nervous; so many famous names in our city and beyond were coming to visit the launch of my gallery where handpicked pieces of art were placed. Mr. Yakamu was a Japanese critic whose opinion upon my criticism mattered a lot; I always wanted to meet him and today was the fortunate yet highly nervous day. I tried not to bite my nails. ‘ Something Fishy’ Mom had cut the ribbon. Chitter-Chatter all around, like a casino, I felt much focused. I never felt that different. Its an awesome feel when all eyes are

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