Personal Narrative: Parlor Walls

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I was a girl who was born into this weird society, not knowing it was at the time. I knew I was different from everyone else but never knew why. As a kid, I was always the quiet one in the back of the room and differently not a fan of the parlor walls. My family loved it, they always talk to them like if they were their real family. I never like them, I thought it was really weird taking two huge screens on the walls in front of everyone. But what I did love to do was sitting and reading the scripts alone, not to the screen, not to anyone. I always wish that there was something more in this world then parlor walls. One day I got into a huge fight with my family because I didn't want to “talk” to the parlor walls. So I ran out of the house…show more content…
I ran and hid behind a tree and I saw a man looking back and forth before he touches the rock. He picks them up and starts running and those books were gone and I never saw that man again. I finally started walking home and I soon as I got out of the woods, guess what I heard, fire trucks. I heard people around town talking about some guy who had these weird things called “books” and that the hound killed him. I didn’t understand what the big deal was about them. When I got home I put the mysterious thing I found under my bed to hide from my family. When my family wasn’t around I google the thing I found, it can up “Books had been banned from the U.S. If you see ANYONE with one REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO THE POLICE.” I didn’t believe it at first but kept them under my bed just in…show more content…
I decide to leave my family when I was eighteen. They wouldn’t understand why I want to save books. Montag had told me everything that the government has been hiding from everyone else. From the time Montag and I met we almost got caught with the books, so we decided we needed to hide somewhere far from the community. Montag took me to a house miles away from everyone else. He said that he always come here and that it’s safe. The house was all broken up and it looks like no one had lived there for years. The community had forgotten about us, which was a good
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