Personal Narrative: Passing Out

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I don't remember passing out. All I remember is waking up here - a place that I call the hospital. *** The trees blew gently, swaying back in forth, leaves falling. The sound of wind chimes repeated themselves as the rain kept hitting the ground. It was like any other October morning, cold. I had troubles.With my family , school , almost just about everything. I couldn't remember the last time I ever went to my mom with a problem I've had. My mom only cared about herself. I went to my best friend Abby for everything. I could hear my stomach “growl” at me. “ What are we having for supper tonight,” I asked my mom. “ I'm going out to eat with Ellen, you can eat…show more content…
I felt more invisible than I ever have. Where was my mom? Where was Abby? I ran through the door, not having to open it. People were everywhere, that's when I saw my grandma she walked into my room I went after her. Screaming more than I ever have! The thought of being invisible terrified me. I realized I had to find Abby, but what room was she in? “Abby's in very bad condition I don't think she'll be here much longer” I turned around , that's when I saw two doctors talking to each other. I went to stand next to them. There were talking about Abby. I sat there crying trying to find out why this was happening to me. I didn't do anything wrong. It's couldn't be karma. The doctors went into room 362, I followed. I dropped to my knees. I've never seen the baby like this in my life. She was so white, her eyes were red. “ Do you think Maya will come see me? “ Abby asked with a tear coming down here eye. “ They couldn't get a hold of her mom” her mom replied. She didn't know ? why wouldn't they tell her what happened? She needed me. I couldn't help but bawl. My eyes hurt so much. Knowing that my best friend was dying it was starting to kill…show more content…
“ No Abby you can't don't leave me.” I couldn't feel myself “It will be ok, just hang on” she said. “ So is this where you come before you die?” “Yeah, but why are you here?” Coming to see you I got into a car crash Hold on to your life mya, don't let go you can't. I can life without you, it's pointless No, don't say that! I love you mya and we'll see each other again. Just hold on! Abby, I love you! I love you too. As we went to hug each other goodbye she was gone. God took her away from me, away from the one person who needed her the most. I missed her. everything felt so useless. But I knew what she told me and I have to do what would make her happy. So I fought. My eyes opened. My grandma was holding my hand, I hugged her. “ She's gone.” I started to cry already “You'll be ok I'm right here for you,” My grandma told me with a sad voice. I think about how this will end. I come to the decision that you have to fight through the bad days to earn the good days. I will see Abby again, but until then I have to stay
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