Personal Narrative-Perception Or Reality?

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I see the people making up the town: the children playing in the streets, laughing and crying over the bruises that would form since they have not yet gained full perception and motor control. The parents worried out of their minds that they will soon slip out of their grasp as they struggle to protect and nurture them. They finally wrangle up their kids for dinner in the safety of their homes relieved nothing happened, but keeping their nerves bottled so they don’t get consumed by the fear. However, the danger that came across their minds was nothing like the pain that would soon rain down on them. The dinner table would get all cleaned up and the house would be illuminated with a flaming orange due to the sun leaving for the day, or so they…show more content…
I turn out to see my entire team irritated at me being non respondent until this very moment. I get up from the place I’ve been sitting and am immediately faced with a barb wired fence curving away from me towards the animal uninhabited forest and a sign saying Keep Out / Radiation. I turn and walk around the flattened of grass that indicates I have been there towards my team who started mumbling words of discouragement that I shut out while looking back at the fence that separated me from my…show more content…
I walked out of the tent with my easily detectable blonde hair dyed as black as the girl’s circles that was war paint according to the man. I started to walk in at a more relaxed pace through the town I have wounded up in. In the center was a skyscraper that survived the nuclear explosion. It looked almost like these people that made up the town with scars that run deep, but still standing and still surviving, it was beautiful and it was almost exactly how I pictured my family living there. Before I left to return home, I wanted to learn more about this new world. I started exploring the busy streets filled with people shopping, working, and having fun. I walked up to a circle of people surrounding a fire and singing a song: Don seest aur gon, Don laif aur enti, Guhn ona don lai graun, Aur sohl komplein ou firaun, Kom raign un aur… I shut out the rest of it when I noticed was being melted in the fire, a gun, my gun. The top half got completely melted into the fire and the bottom half was being hollowed out. I stood watching to see what they were going to create out of it and the finished product was a knife that was only a little bit bigger than a pocket knife. I waited until they displayed the finished product so I could take back what was left of my gun. Once I got what I wanted, I decided now would be a good time
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