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Personal Essay When I was nine years old, I realized my brother and I were more alike than I had thought. Growing up in Ohio, which was a different state than most of my family who all lived in either Tennessee, Indiana, or Washington, means seeing them once a year which was usually at a Christmas party. Most of the time I really liked this because it meant gifts, after gifts, after gifts on Christmas, but one year really stood out to me in a sort of negative perspective. I remember my Aunt happily running up to me giving me a hug and saying, “Oh my Goodness!! You look so much like your father.” “Oh and look at you, you both look just so alike.” She would say to my brother and I. “Thanks I guess.” we would reply. I was not only told this, but now “you and your brother are almost identical.” Although siblings usually look pretty similar at a young age, that was not what I wanted to hear as a nine year old girl. That’s why the Christmas of 2010 wasn’t like the rest. That night I remember questioning my mother, “Do Josh and I really look that similar?” “Yes Cali, you both have blonde curly hair, high cheekbones, and green eyes. You know it's not a bad thing to look like your brother. Most siblings do look alike.” “Yeah I guess you’re right.” That night, December 25 is when I was nine years old while I was laying in bed, I realized my brother and I were more similar than I thought. Not only did I realize this, but I also realized that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing to
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