Personal Narrative : Personal Experiences

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Surely in life, you have experienced rejection. Suddenly substituting a significant lost before allowing ourselves mend from that hurtful reality. Maybe pursued counseling for a failing marriage yet the ending results were divorcing. Perhaps trying to overcome the pain of betrayal by a friend or family member. Is it possible had an interview didn't meet the qualifications for the job and feel like a failure?
Likely, can relate to an abandoned child, whatever the case, it all equals to one word "REJECTION"

Consequently, I was experiencing being withdrawn, loneliness, low self-esteem, hurtful feelings that diffused into my soul. Begin to build a shield for protection and strength that no one could dismantle unless they demonstrated trustworthily. For clarification, those were my thoughts, feelings, and acts mainly as a neglected child that people fail to realize exist in children and disturbing throughout life.

Equally Important I was curious to know who would remain in my life regardless of confrontations. An apparent individual with strong characteristics, devoted, committed, and endurance " Perfect Storm." I learned "There's always a calm before the storm." When people would question the whereabouts of my biological parents as a deserted child left to defend for herself. it triggered awful feelings

The primary question in my mind Why did they leave me? Which I, of course, didn't have the answers to.
In addition, there were nationality questions Are you
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