Personal Narrative : Personal Experiences In My Life

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My sister was born February 1, 2005. Although I was young, this is an event I will forever remember. My sister was not due for another five weeks and my mom had already been to the hospital three times with false alarms. My mom was a skinny, 5’4”, blonde haired, green eyed, twenty-six year old woman. Her hair goes down to her mid back, and she has fair skin and freckles. The smell of pickles lingered in our house, as they were her pregnancy food. The morning of February 1, 2005 I remember hearing my mom scream in pain. When my dad asked what happened, she said my sister was coming and it was serious this time. My dad was a skinny but muscular, 6’0”, green eyed, young man. At only 22 years old, he still had the blonde tips spiked up with a gallon of hair gel, tied together with a Puka shell necklace. He spoke with modern slang, and was going through the beginning of his adult life as best he could. There was no way my sister was coming five weeks early he told my mom. With three false alarms it was a very boy who cried wolf moment for him. My mom has always been a persuasive woman and gets her way with ease, so it did not take long before our trip to the hospital began. Our trip began with me being dropped off at my grandma’s house, or as I called her, Meama. My grandma is my mom’s mom and was a short, about 5’2” and on the bigger side fifty year old woman. She had dark, almost black, hair styled into a perm. She was almost always wearing Old Navy pajama pants when I would
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