Personal Narrative : Personal Stereotypes In The Life Of My Life

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Save their homes I would say I am not very different then most of the students that sit before you everyday. I have hobbies I enjoy and favorite places to eat, but unlike them I have some traits that make me standout from the rest. Allow me to elaborate, I was born in Sebastian, Florida where I was exposed to a lot of different cultures and people. Going through elementary school I got to learn quite a bit about the wildlife in our area, and that is where I gained my love for animals. However, as I grew up I began to take interest in many different subjects like video games or soccer. These activities made me the person I am today, but also take up a majority of my free time. During high school I was a straight “A” student who joined several clubs and committed to several volunteer opportunities. I graduated top ten percent of my class, and applied at several colleges, but laid eyes on F.I.T the most due to my major of Computer Science. In all this short summary of my life may help you better understand the reason behind why I chose the following proposal. Each and everyone of you in this classroom has a strong awareness to the dangers wildlife habitats face everyday, but we don’t do anything about it. Why? I feel the answer is obvious for most, “...we are to busy with life...” or “...I couldn’t make a difference...” both of these assumptions are the wrong outlook to take.With just these few changes in your everyday life you could help. You could start recycling, make your
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