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The smell of the bus exhaust was disgusting as I approached Bus 2021, anxious to get home from another long October day of high school. The smell of the cigarette smoke in the back of the bus wafted up to me through the windows and made me absolutely thrilled when I finally got on the bus, discovering there were still seats up front open.. It was my freshman year at East High School, and I had quickly learned that only the delinquents sat in the back of the bus. I climbed the muddy stairs, got my pass stamped, and slid into the vinyl seat next to my best friend, Amy. Tom was right behind her, sitting on the aisle seat with Tiffany, the fourth Musketeer. As we rolled out of the pot-hole filled parking lot, my brain went churning over the homework I had ahead: English, math, and social studies. What a night I would have trying to get that all done! “Amy, want to come over and work on our English together? Two heads are better than one!” I asked Amy, hoping she’d say yes. My grade in that class was making me crazy, a solid C now... With her eyes shut tightly Amy responded, “If I live that long, Tina. This smoke is killing my eyes. How does the bus driver not smell them smoking? I swear he just doesn’t want to have to actually face those guys and tell them they’re kicked off.” “They should be! They’re underage for smoking, and there’s a clear sign hanging that says you can’t smoke on the bus, even if you are over eighteen!” I explained. Why do we always have this

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