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For as long as I can remember, my dad has always corrected my grammar and manners. As a lawyer, he writes and reviews thousands of legal documents, which has sharpened his writing skills tremendously. With these skills comes a grammar geek who loves correcting people. Looking back at all the times my dad has reminded me of a certain rule, a particular occasion always comes to mind. This moment took place at my kitchen counter in Illinois when I was a Freshman in High School. It was a late weekday night in the Kennedy household and all five of us were awake as ever. My brother was in the basement, my sister was upstairs doing homework and skyping her friends, and my parents and I were in the kitchen. More specifically, my mom was making…show more content…
Gazing past the kitchen island I see my mom cooking dinner. Like I said, it was a late night, so she was quickly making a large salad with some sort of meat for the family. I can envision the white walls, the light fixture hanging above my head, and the large bay windows that show the dark outlines of trees outside. I could hear my dog barking in the other room, and my phone as it vibrates on the countertop. I did not dare open my phone to answer a text unless I wanted another look from my dad that hinted to pay attention. Eventually, I tuned back in and listened to what my dad had to say. He was busy going over the “Me vs. I” rule, and how to figure out when to use either of the words. This simple rule is one that has stuck with me ever since this night. The rule states to use “I” when you are the subject, and use “me” when you are the object of the sentence. A quick trick my dad brought up was to take out the first part of the sentence and see if it makes sense. For example, “Kelsey and me went to the store.” If you took out “Kelsey and”, and the sentence did not sound right, that meant you were using the wrong word. The correct structure is “Kelsey and I went to the store.” This makes sense because “I went to the store” could stand alone as a sentence, while “Me went to the store” cannot. I had made lots of these mistakes in my paper, so by the time we got to the end of the essay, I knew the rule
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