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Sunday. I live right next to the old town Pasadena, so I guess it is better for me just walk to the old town, and to do my writing class assignment. I grabbed my white shirt, black cap and most importantly, my notebook. I started walking from my apartment. There were not a lot people wondering around at noon except for me. Because it was damn hot. Then, as I was walking, there was a damn huge mattress sale sign setting on the walkway. On the indigo blue sale sign, it says: “ HUGE Mattress BLOWOUT sale, Best Prices In Town.” with faded dandelion yellow. The owner of the mattress place probably thought the word “blowout” with all capitalized and yellow letters was not enough attention, so the owner had to add an explosion mark around the “blowout”. Well, it works on me at least. I was actually curious about the so called blowout prices now. As I was opening the dirty glassed door, the cold, dusted breezy that came from the air conditioner above, blew right into my face. When I turned my head to the right side to avoid the dusts go into my mouth, I saw two fake bamboo pots sitting against the yellowish painted wall at the doorway. Then the next thing went into my sight, was the dirty, scratchy, slate floor. I could not believe this is a place for selling mattress. I looked around this place, of course this place is filled with mattresses, but just dusted ones. Nothing was really surprising, until I saw the price tags. A “ CAL-KING KING” size mattress just costs six… wait, six
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