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“Thank you.” The classroom is stiflingly quiet except for those two soft words. We clap as she returns to her seat, fumbling with her phone to stop the timer. A lull settles as we wait for the next victim. My hands are already trembling when I realize that I’m next on the chopping block. “Oh god, I think it’s my turn.” I exhale, making brief eye contact with my friends around me. Alexa puts her hand on mine. “You’ll be awesome, don’t be so hard on yourself!” She smiles gently at me. I don’t reply as I stand up, anxiously baring my teeth in response. It’s a nice thought, but even she can see that this is a disaster already. The podium awaits me, the already completed presentations rolling up the screen behind it as Mr. Lehr searches for mine. The cursor moves towards the file and opens it, my heart skipping a beat as the only known photo of the three Brontë sisters fills the screen. “Whenever you’re ready.” My mouth is so dry now that my tongue sticks to the roof. I glance down at my shaking hands and then back at my classmates, hunting for the first line. ● ● ● “In my opinion, if a book is a good one, it is so whatever the sex of the author may be. Wait. No, that isn’t it.” I push my Chromebook away and rub my face. My room is as dim as my confidence now. The clock on my dresser reads 10:26 PM, and the bed beneath me has been calling my name since I started practicing hours ago. Surrendering to exhaustion is always a possibility. I reach up to my hair, tugging on a curl
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