Personal Narrative: Piscean

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It was the Piscean Age, specifically the year of man’s best friend, the time when the Capricorns celebrated another turn around the giant, boiling sun. Bearing garnet stones, I was born, godless, in the parallel streets with loud cars, sharp turns, and slippery roads that occurred when hurricanes swept through like a broom over a floor. This place you might find an alligator visiting, unannounced, and returning to his moist swampy home. I would find myself, as I became taller and wiser, a manager of brewing hot and cold Arabica grounds and baking sticky sweet treats. Using others’ hands as my own, I accomplish happy outcomes and ensure love is in every movement of collecting smiles. My ethics shared from my mother, who also was born in this place, would teach me how to watch the ticking clock and keeping tricky promises.…show more content…
These lifelong learning experiences I take every day, mold my ever changing body and open mind to make me the best Briana that I can be and I hope one day to teach these same life altering experiences to my small squirmy twin son,
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