Personal Narrative: Playing With The Puppies

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Playing With The Puppies 8 weeks ago I got two puppies. One is black, white and brown and the other is brown and white. The white and brown one is named Squirt and the other is Fancy. My mom had the idea of getting them a kitty pool this week to play in, because it has been so hot. The next day after we got the pool I decided to get my bathing suit on and play with them. I got my bathing suit on and went back there to play with them but instead of playing in the water they were more interested in chasing bugs. So I went inside and then about two hours later I went back out and I couldn’t find the pups so i went around back to see if they were in the pool and the pups were playing in the water. Squirt was jumping around patting at the water with her feet. Fancy was both playing and drinking the water.I went to play with them and when I got in they started chasing bugs. So finally I just gave up and it was kinda a funny moment cause the way they were chasing bugs cracked me up. After that I did a little research on why dogs chase bugs and I couldn’t find anything on that but then I found something about the four dangers of letting your puppies eat bugs.…show more content…
If your dog is trying to catch the stinging bug there is a high chance they will get stung. Most bees stings that occur on dogs and cat happens near or on the face.
Bugs That Are Toxic: Some types of bugs are toxic and when ingested and can cause the stomach to get upset. Most toxic bugs cause GI inflammation or possibly oral lesions.
Parasites: As if eating bugs isn’t gross enough, your dog and cat can become infected from eating bugs.Two of the most common parasites are Tapeworm and Physaloptera.
Insecticides: Harmful insecticides are often used to kill bugs and can hurt your dog or cat. That’s why it’s best not to let your dog eat bug.
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