Personal Narrative-Pokemon In Middle School

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One Friday Night

This was no ordinary Friday and it didn’t just start yesterday. It actually started the last Monday. I was at my middle school in Mr. Gonzalez's classroom, a weird name right? You know I was just doing my business, putting off my late work from last week and just checking to see if there were any Pokemon in the classroom. Mr. Gonzales came up to me and took away my Galaxy s7 with no warning. He said I had to go to the office because I wasn’t paying attention. I was so paying attention, I was paying attention to the screen of my phone! Boy does Mr. Gonzales get on my nerves. I was told to go to the office so I left the classroom to go to the office, there was no way I was going to the office. He was out of his mind letting an eighth grader roam the halls. I knew this was my chance to become popular so I pulled the fire alarm and ran for the exit. I don’t think any one saw me
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I walked up to them because I couldn’t run and told them what I did at school. They said the principal said she was going to find the one who pulled the alarm and suspend them. I said she’s probably joking because it was just a prank and I didn’t harm anyone. I went home and my dad was mad at me, I was confused. My dad said he got a call about me ditching school and said I have to paint the garage for my punishment. The next day after school I got the paint and didn’t paint the garage but the dumb van my dad got last week. I felt it looked better in white instead of black but the paint didn’t stick to well to the vehicle's surface. My dad didn’t like the new paint job and grounded me for a month, sheesh no one can appreciate anything I do.
Now you know why I’m having a miserable friday, I’m grounded and now suspended from school which I’m glad because I hate school and that means less school for me. I’m just mad because I’m grounded and am treated like a criminal for the good I do and the funny jokes I
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