Personal Narrative: Polyandry

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Wow, I heard of the term Polyandry but I never paid attention to what it meant until you mentioned it in your discussion post. I wonder if there is such a term for sisters who may share one husband, I should look that up. I was not so surprised to find out that they do this for economic reasons and to preserve the family. They may also hold the belief that it is too expensive to have separate weddings too. This almost reminds me of the Caste system, except in India, the families who are seeking a husband for their daughter seek a family with few children. They marry their children to families that have few children so that they do not have to think about the opposite family having financial issues because they have many children to provide for and weddings to fund.

I agree with the way that you felt about Polygny. I feel as though if you are married to a man and then he should choose to decide to take on more wives, then he was never truly yours to begin with and vice versa. When my mother raised me
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Everyone is different, however, I never saw myself being able to be intimate with more than one man but that is because the way I was raised influenced my way of looking at the world and how I wanted my life structured. My beliefs are old fashioned for me and respectively those who support Polyandry would only prefer vice versa when it relates to one marriage, but I would say overall. The more I learn about the world, I try to respect everyone and not be judgmental, I think it is best to respectfully state my opinion. Too many of us always have to make a comment on something that we do not know about especially with malicious intent. On that note, I respect the decisions of those who choose to follow this ritual as it is convenient and special to them in all of its purposes. As you mentioned before it is not only a way to have financial security but also to preserve the
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