Personal Narrative: Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

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Passing the end of the cold winter, Cherry blossoms and flowers are blooming. We were sitting under the flower rain. It was spring. The siren woke me up. A sip of smoke slipped through my throat and my eyes. Everything around me was burning by the blazing fire. Through the smoke I was blind. The ominous feeling passed through my body. Running through the fire made my skin stinging but It couldn't make me stop. The only thing that in my mind was to getting out of this place. The grey smoke surrounded me, I saw him and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I couldn’t see anything as the smoke was hiding my sight but I could see the hotel I was in collapsed into halves, burning. People yelled for help. Suddenly a huge crashing sound attacked my ears and the sky turned into grey.…show more content…
Their eyes were disgusting, as they were relieved how it was not them who were in the hotel. Recently, I've got some medications for the manic-depressive psychosis. Apparently, I was the only one who has given them. All of the survivors got forced to receive psychiatric treatment every week. It was an hour on Thursday after the lunch break for me and him. We also got forced to receive post-traumatic stress disorder treatments every Friday. Saturday is always my favourite day because I get to go outside, even I had to with him. We nearly went to the cinema every week. Because I liked a feeling when it’s a total darkness and the popcorns that is warm with a coke with ices Today, As it was such a bad day, I didn’t get to go outside. I went to the lounge which has a fancy TV in it. I watched a movie called ‘Inception.’ Unfortunately, I couldn’t even watch half of the movie. There was a scene, when the buildings collapsed. “…He..lp!!!” It took me back to the day when I lost my friends. A black blanket soaked with coke, lounge with full of popcorns and I was yelling for a help. I wished to die so
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