Personal Narrative: President Bill Clinton Scandal

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If this plan is to work, then it better work quickly. If I release the scandal, should there be no speculation, just disregard and trust in its source; that should put an end to the whole affair. I’ll be content in my new position, and have no worries going forward.
But then again, these are obvious acts of treason and espionage at hand. Even if I were to gain the presidency, I would still have to address these crimes and punish some. Much more likely those spies who committed the act should take the blame, and not me – the messenger.
Then again, if they do find out and the plan backfires. My whole career over, in an instant. You wouldn’t trust someone who plotted against you. Well the same goes for the Vice President going against the President.
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It isn't possible! It's nothing more than a figment of my paranoid imagination, but as real as the email I just sent. That can't be. Delete!
It's still there! Why have you not gone? Did I not press delete? Delete! Delete! Delete!
It's gone. There is no email here, just the crime I've committed; makes me see the blood upon my hands. These visions, deceive the deceitful through evil nightmares, even though I know I couldn't possibly sleep right now.
Another one.
It is done.
"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day"
Ha. I trust that they'll understand the reference to another Scottish tragedy without me having to name the play. They see me as Macbeth; guilty, gone mad with ambition, now my fate. President Duncan is the King. Senator McDuffy is Macduff. Which leaves Birnham Woods - the Nation - on its way to Dunsinane.
Look at me here; paranoid in ever paragraph about how the perceive me. Why not just tell them the truth? "Screw your courage to the sticking place" one more time, because you've already failed.
What is my legacy? I was too young, too naive, too blind. I should seen, I should have know, the world was wide enough for us both. Now I'm the villain in your history. Every picture you paint is of me and my
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