Personal Narrative: Pumpkin Carving

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Pumpkin Carving Back at home one of my family’s favorite fall traditions is carving pumpkins. I still remember the first time I got to help with carving. Quite a few years back my family was getting pumpkins to carve at Wal-Mart. I asked my parents if I could help out this year. They turned to each other. “Do you think he is ready to handle a knife?” my mom whispered. My dad said I was and he picked out a tiny almost pale pumpkin. The next day we placed the pile of pumpkins we bought on our picnic table outside. My dad sat down with me and lined up the carving utensils around my tiny pumpkin. “Now, start with cutting open a lid.” he said. I grabbed my plastic knife and stabbed it into the top of the pumpkin. But I stabbed too far away from the stem. My dad stopped me and said, “No son, You have to make the lid small so the pumpkin doesn't rot.” I corrected my positioning and tried again. My dad helped guide my cut so The lid would be right. With a small pop the lid came loose.…show more content…
“No next we have to gut the pumpkin.” my dad said. He grabbed the tablespoon we had ready and began to scrape the insides of the pumpkins. He scooped out a few slimy guts, laid them on the table, and handed me the spoon. I scraped at the pumpkin for about 20 minutes. Making sure to get everything out of the pumpkin. My dad looked inside and confirmed “Now we can carve the face.” I grabbed my plastic knife and prepared to cut a face out. “We need to draw the face before we cut it out son.” my dad told me. He handed me a sharpie and started working on another much larger pumpkin. I doodled the goofiest face I could think up and excitedly showed my dad. “Alright now cut the face out.” He said with a
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