Personal Narrative: Pursuing A Career In Physical Therapy

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3. Synthesis
In order to generate educational and occupational options for myself, I have looked at many resources ranging from volunteering in person to researching online. I have volunteered at a retirement home with a kinesiologist to determine if I would like that type work, and more importantly, the work environment. I have also volunteered at a physiotherapy clinic and Toronto rehabilitation institute to get a clinical and hospital experience as well. This has allowed me to get a hands on experience at various difference jobs in the field of healthcare. I have also looked at online resources such as research articles, government website, NOC, and DOT. Along with these resources, I have also gotten the opportunity to work at various jobs
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From completing the occupational research paper for Arts 111, I had the opportunity to interview a professional in the occupation of my choice, and this has given me further insight on what to expect after many years of working at the…show more content…
Obstacles such as internal barriers, external barriers, and compromises. To counteract them, I will receive support to help me achieve my goal. Lastly, I will need to take shorter-term action steps to achieve my long term goal of becoming a full time physiotherapist. The internal barriers that I face include readiness, and fear of change. When it comes to readiness, I always feel like I can be trying harder and be more prepared. In terms of studying to become a physiotherapist, I will always be questioning myself on whether I am fully ready to take on this responsibility for the rest of my life. This ties into my other internal barrier, the fear of change. I have always been scared of change ever since I was a child. The external barriers include influence of others, and geographic factors. If friends and family favour one program over another, I will subconsciously enroll in the one that they prefer over the one that I truly prefer. If I get accepted into a university that requires me to move to a different city or country, I will hesitant to take the offer. In the end I will compromise and take the offer. If there was a choice to take an offer that is in my preferred geographical location (in Ontario), I will be more likely to take that offer. To achieve my goal of becoming a physiotherapist,
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