Personal Narrative: Pursuing A Degree In My Life

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On a gloomy, emotionally drained, rainy November evening I was stuck in the back of Shari's restaurant scrubbing dirty dishes. Twelve at night and school the next morning, piles of homework stacked higher than the dishes, I can even remember counting down the seconds until I could get out of that place. I then came to the realization that scrubbing dishes until the late night hours not only sacrificed my social life but also affected my education, things needed to change. It was time for a new job, I knew that with the skills and knowledge I acquired at my past jobs, my opportunities were endless for the future jobs waiting for me. The opportunity was eagerly knocking at the front door like my baby nephew does when he wants to come play in…show more content…
Strengths that make me stand out and make me who I am, communication, friendliness, dependability are just some on the list. All of which I can use to get the job I want and need, getting a job in general is an accomplishment to met but I wanted to push myself to do better and to step out of my comfort zone. I knew doing this would not only get me a better job but it would prove to myself that I am capable of many things. I learned about having good communication and talking skills when I attended the event “Breaking Down the Walls” at my high school. This was an event that helped people step out of their comfort zone and communicate with one another. I learned that life is all about connections and in order to be successful, interacting with others will help do…show more content…
I did not want to make it by just being average, I wanted to be something more. I took the time to watch videos, go to programs like Breaking Down the Walls, and taking advice from family and friends to learn skills essential for not only just a job but to be happy in life in general. The skills I was born with I took and exercised them, I grew them and learned how to use them. I believe that the strengths you have, you need to take advantage of. The weaknesses you have, you need to realize them and turn them into a strength, find out what you struggle on and manipulate it into something that can be beneficial for you. That is exactly what I did, and that is how I was given the great opportunity to work for the company I do
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