Personal Narrative: Putting Out The Trash

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Putting Out the Trash Unfortunately, in one’s life there could be negative experiences or instances that could affect how we think about certain situations. These instances may sometimes be called a life lesson. We keep these lessons in the back of our minds so that if we are ever brought to a similar negative situation that we remember what happened the last time and we act most likely trying to change the previous results to your favor. Whether getting bitten by a dog as a child and thus creating an imminent fear of dogs or even running down the stairs and tripping and falling making you be wary to walk slower next time. I have had two very important instance that made me very cautious of who I date and fall in love with. These problematic life lesson didn’t just happen overnight. It was more of a build up and chain of unfortunate predicaments that finally made me act. Let me explain. I had a boyfriend coming into the 2016 year. His name was Justin. We were together for about 5 months before he abruptly broke up with me stating that I had changed and…show more content…
I look back on both relationships with regret. My first couple of times opening myself and telling my secrets, goals and aspirations only to realize they should have never known anything about me. I got called fake by one guy and fat and ugly by the other amongst plenty of other hurtful things. I’m a whole lot smarted now. Thank God I didn’t have sex with either of these men because that would have attached me to them even more. I’m more independent. I guess at that time I suppose I was just lonely and desperate and just wanted companion. I embrace the lonely now. I have more money to myself and more time to spend with my family and work and school. I will never date a narcissist or a liar and broke ass baby bitch ever again because I realize that I never actually NEEDED them, I just WANTED them and there are plenty of things I want but don’t need and dirty low down men are in that
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