Personal Narrative: Racial Diversity In The Classroom

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The first thing I noticed was the racial diversity of the school. My previous visits have been mostly been dominated by one ethic group. Here there were children from all facets working, playing, and learning together. I also noticed this was the first time that I’ve seen an abundance of pupil created works hanging around the classroom. In addition to the student made elements there were also many teacher produced visuals that aided in relaying what was being taught. The room was relatively tidy. The instructor made sure her students clean their work stations before advancing to the next one. There were a total of fifteen stations, each focusing on various forms of language arts and reading. The groups rotated periodically and at the back…show more content…
Streiff was the name of the teacher and she seemed be engaged and caring of her students. Before starting the test at her station she would address the class and see if they had any questions of needed her before she began; she did this before starting every time. This lets me know that she wanted her students to feel like she was accessible even those she was not standing in front of them the whole class period. The children operated autonomously, outside of being told which station to go to. From what I saw her teaching methods seemed to be working. The children could read the assignments and perform the tasks asked of them. I sat in on one of Mrs. Streiff’s testing sessions. A young boy performed excellently in his readying test. After the test was done she evaluated what she had done. I liked this because it showed she still realized there is room for improvement in her own teaching strategies. Her style of teaching was student centered with little interaction with the class as a whole. Mrs. Streiff had a weekly, incentive based award system that required the class to work together to claim Friday’s prize. If there was a discipline problem it was handled promptly by a talk with the student, which usually corrected the
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