Personal Narrative: Rainforest

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My parents and I were on a beautiful vacation to French guyana in the rainforest we were camping there for a week. We decided to go and investigate the rainforest for fun. Then we saw a waterfall. As i was imaging the beautiful waterfall I tripped . I realize that I tripped over a decaying tree. I saw an amazing beetle. I had to get a closer look so I went closer . Then I picked up the amazing Beetle. I realized I studied it before we came on this trip. Suddenly I felt that meat sounded nasty. Then ,my mom said that we are having steak for dinner. I usually say “ That sounds great.” But this time I yelled “NO!”. My parents took me back to the hotel room. I was sick to my stomach. Then I went to the bedroom and got on the bed. I fell asleep, When I woke up I looked…show more content…
I was looking for something else to lift. Then I saw a down tree stump I ran over there. Then I lifted that to.Finally I realized I had super strength. I was running to go tell my mom and dad. Then I walked in. Suddenly they yelled” KILL IT.” Then They started to run at me. I quickly moved out of the way. I ran outside as fast as I could. After I ran outside I saw another Hercules Beetle. Then we started to talk. Finally I was able to get a army of Hercules Beetles. I told them to spell I am your son with a arrow pointing to me. Then we went there and they did what I asked of them. Then my parents said” Braxton what happened to you.” I began to feel dizzy and I blanked out and woke up. I started to walk around and sat down in a chair. Then I looked in the mirror and I saw my own reflection. I was so happy that I was happy I was normal. As I walked back into my moms and dads room they said “are you ok?”I said “ Yay guys I am ok.” I realized that I was a Hercules beetle the whole time.I said “I love you guy so much.” The time I was a hercules beetle was really fun. I hope I can do it again. I told my parents all about teh hold thing that I did to not kill
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