Personal Narrative: Raquel

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When I was little, I didn’t know I could see paranormals. I didn’t know they existed. I was in a foster care system. One day, I wanted to go to the library. I walked through the cemetery and saw a guy sitting on the gravestone. I looked at him and saw right through him. I got so scared. Paranormals have normal people skin but underneath they are ugly. I see them for who they are underneath their skin. The ICPA uses me to bag and tag these paranormals now. Nobody else can see these monsters, so I taze them and put a tracker on their ankle and read them their rights, They need to be in ICPA custody so they don’t hurt anybody. Vamps suck people’s blood and Zombies eat people and hags eat little kids and werewolfs howl and the moon and attack people.…show more content…
One night after I bagged-and-tagged this vampire, the alarms went off so I ran to Raquel’s office. She looked normal, just going through some papers on her desk but something seemed different. She looked like water, but she was totally normal. It wasn’t Raquel, so I tazed it and security came and everything was hectic. I thought the thing had ate Raquel, but turns out he was just trying to figure out who was killing all the paranormals. I didn’t know how many paranormals were dying until I was trying to bag-and-tag a Vampire one night and I walked into a room full of about 20 of them. I called Reth, an ex boyfriend faerie, which was a mistake and faeries have to do whatever you say if you use their first name. His real name wasn’t Reth that was just his faerie name. He is always trying to love me and after what he did, I don’t love him. Faeries have bad tempers and they are very manipulative. I found out that all the vampires that were in that room were found dead. Then, I had a mission to go bag-and-tag a hag. I hated hags so Jacques came with me, Jacques is a werewolf and when I was looking in the swamp for the hag, I found her dead. She was so ugly, but she was
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