Personal Narrative: Raritan Valley Community College Pool

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“Come on we are going to be late!” I screamed to my friends as we walked to the blocks “ I don’t want to miss my event”.
We were all swimming the 100 meter individual medley, an event containing all known swimming strokes.
Standing behind the starting block, I began to turn my head in both directions, eying out my competition. Standing behind lane four, I began to see who was seeded ahead of me. Seeing Her I began to shake girl standing behind lane three was Maya, my friend and the fastest swimmer on our team. Every chance I got to race her, I always messed up, one way or another.
Attempting to distract myself from the fear that was slowly consuming my body, I turned my head towards the Raritan Valley Community College Pool (RVCC), one
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“Take your mark,” the official said calmly.
My quivering hands gripped onto the slippery block. Could I really have a chance of beating Maya?
As if it were an instinct, my body launched itself into the freezing cold water. I snapped my arms quickly, like my coach had told me, swimming the stroke of butterfly. However, half way through the lap, my arms drew weary and began to drag slightly.
Don’t stop now, I told myself, you still have a lot more to go!
I picked up my speed and drove myself into the wall. Pushing off, I told myself that it was now time to swim backstroke.
Now on my back, I began to swim a stroke the complete opposite of the more commonly known freestyle. My arms started to swing like they had lost all attachment to my body, but my legs seemed to refuse to kick. I kicked and splashed the water as hard as I could, but my arms seemed to be doing the only work. My arms were already tired enough from swimming butterfly, I didn’t know how long I could actually keep this up.
Hitting the wall, I pushed off the wall and swam breaststroke. Here, my legs gave in and began power my stroke. I seemed to be shooting forward, heading towards the wall. My body was beginning to feel like an oven, and my limbs grew numb, but I kept pushing forward. It was time for me to finish this
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