Personal Narrative: Raven

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She was beautiful, like those girls in the magazines. Everyone said she had magic eyes, the eyes that could turn green in the sun but was chocolate brown the other times. Her Raven black hair was cut short, it was wiry and reminded me too much of Little Orphan Annie. She wore gothic clothes in a rebellious way. Her mother always hated them, so did I. She had a sugary voice that all the girl wanted to imitate. Whenever she walked by, you would get the sweet smell of Jasmine. I always liked to think of her as the sister I never had, I trusted her and she betrayed me. It was almost like she had it all planed out from the beginning. Like she smiled and said “I'm about to screw you over…”.
It was sunny outside, I heard the familiar names being called
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Both of us new to middle school. I was scared of being alone again and she needed someone to make herself look better. For months after the incident, I cried myself to sleep every night. I kept on asking myself if I could have done something different? If it was my fault? Maybe if I was a better friend, she would have stayed. For the rest of middle school I did not have any friends. I learned to find comfort in reading books and watching tv series. One thing I have to thank her for is that because of what happened I realized how much I love reading. My mother was worried that I spent most of my time locked up in my room, skipping meals. I wish I had known then that I would be okay. That I would make new friends and move forward in my life. I wonder now why it had taken three years for everything to finally fall apart. I knew the friendship was toxic, I have always know but I was to weak to stand up for myself. After a while, I forgave myself and learned to love myself, I learned not not care what other people think me as much. I finally stepped out her shadow and started to do thing I want to not because she wanted me to. Now, I try to surround myself with people that like me for who I am. I stopped apologizing for who I am and what I like to do. There are days that I miss her, I miss her so very much that my heart breaks all over again but I don't miss the toxic friendship that suffocated and drained
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