Personal Narrative: Regional Junior High School

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It was finally Sunday morning. It was time to check the results from the audition on Saturday for the Regional Junior High School Orchestra. It was the first time I would be auditioning for anything, and it was even harder for someone who wasn’t very comfortable with being judged as soon as a horsehair hit a string. To this day, I will never forget the panicked and anxious cacophony of sound that always emitted from the warm-up room, which only fueled my anxiety. When the results finally appeared, disappointment washed over me as I was unable to locate my audition number. “It’s ok, Jenna, you can just try again next year,” said my father, slightly disappointed, but empathetic. I wish I could have warned him that I would most likely fail that next year as well. The second time, the disappointment from my parents was elevated significantly, as all of my teacher’s other students were accepted, and I was the only one who was not. As an 8th grader left behind by all of her friends who did make it in, I lost motivation to practice more and improve my playing skills. I did not handle these two failures very…show more content…
I had to change the way I viewed the audition. Rather than viewing it as a chore, or something that all of my friends did, I approached it as an intriguing challenge. I decided I would do it for myself. I would practice and audition in order to make myself and the three judges listening to me, happy. I avoided immersing myself into my anxiety, and was surprisingly relaxed by the time I reached the entrance of the building. Even as I walked into the warm-up room, the air thick with tension and fear, I managed to calm down and warm up properly, facing the wall away from everyone else. My responsibility as a musician was to create beautiful music, and display my love for my instrument. I focused on making the piece sound beautiful and pleasant to the ears, rather than displaying the technique and style of the
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