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Personal Narrative- The Bible Spoke to Me I sat on my bed. Alone. Lonely. But I wasn’t. Everything that everyone had said, left unsaid, was with me. Smothering me. As scenes danced mockingly through my mind, I cried out, “Does anyone care about me?! Does anyone care if I come to school or church-would anyone notice if I just quit?!” A small, still voice whispered in my ear. Something stirred, struggling to be free, but my tormented mind smothered it, preferring to drown in self pity. “Does anyone listen to me? Does anyone want me?” I moaned. As I sank into despair, a book caught my eye. Buried beneath homework, magazines, and litter was my poor bedraggled Bible, falling apart from years of use-none of it recent. I dragged…show more content…
Did he pen those verses of chapter four with my troubles in mind?” That small peaceful voice whispered, “No, but God knew. He had you in mind with every word he dictated.” Suddenly my Bible looked beautiful, heavenly. I read on: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Tearfully I began to thank God and tell Him about my day. Slowly the small, still voice became easier to hear as one by one I gave the tumultuous and distracting events of the day to Christ. I slowly began to realize that “I should not waste my time or energy lamenting the inability of some members of society to take me as I was” (Franklin, 169). I have an identity in Christ. He loves me and will always accept me and that is all that matters. Even if people don’t always accept me as I am it is those qualities that make me who I am. “Fish Cheeks” dealt with the conflict of accepting oneself in a high pressure society that presses one to conform (Tan, 23). Although Amy Tan had a hard time accepting what made her different, she realized that those qualities were an important part of her identity. Her mother lovingly supported her, but made sure young Amy learned to appreciate her cultural identity. God loves me, and so I should be content to live to bring glory to Him. Through reading the Epistle by Paul, I realized that I needed to stop worrying about what others thought

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