Personal Narrative-Related Deaths

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In 2016, there were over 64,000 drug related deaths. My dad was sadly one of them.
When I found out it didn’t really hit me at first because I didn’t really know or like him because of what he did. The next day I went to school and darted out of the hallway crying and I didn’t know why. My mom came and picked me up from school because I couldn’t handle it. I learned two lessons that I will always remember. One was to always stay close by your parents no matter what, because when they die you will somehow miss them and at that moment you will forgive them for everything they did to you that negatively affected you in a certain way.
My next lesson is to never get into any type of addiction, because it can be worth your life.
Yes, I do miss him, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. Although he died young, he died with a huge impact on me. The two things i’ve learned from this are the two major lessons of my life. Now he can watch me like a guardian angel every second of the day. Someday I would love to share my story in front of the whole world, so the next generation won’t make the same mistake my dad made. No family should go through something like this, because it can and will destroy your relationship with your friends, family, and can destroy your job at
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I never liked what he did, but I didn’t try to help either. Sometimes i just feel like that I could have done something about it. When I found out that he died I was in my room playing NBA 2k16. We had a random day off at school and my mom walked in my door saying,” come out to the living room”. So I did then she told me the news. At first I was just shocked and I didn’t believe her. After that she took the rest of the day off because she wanted to be with me. All we did that night was go out to eat. Those two lessons that I learned those past two days that he died are the two most important lessons of my
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