Personal Narrative: Robotics In High School

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Over the summer, I went to a STEM fair where I caught basketballs thrown by a robot. This booth happened to be run by this small group of skinny boys who went to my soon to be high school, Atholton. Ever since learning about the club, my dad has been doing his best to convince me to at least try it out. Even though this was the last thing I imagined myself doing in high school, I gave in after an obnoxious amount of “robotics is good for college” and “you just have to try it out for a week and then you'll never hear about it again”.
The first meeting is at 6:00 pm on a Wednesday, a week after the start of my freshman year and I could not be more annoyed about going. I get to the school, open the cold, dark green metal doors. I lean in and nervously dart my head back and forth in a …show more content…

I intently stare at the once white tile floor, now littered with the array of colors seen on the autumn ground. I find a seat in the back of the brick red room filled with glasses pencils and computers, and tell myself that I only had to drudge through a week of this and then I will be free. I look around the room and see a flaming red shirt, and then I notice the boy who wore it, James, whose rude comments to me caused me to dread seeing him at the locker next to mine throughout middle school. Although he seems almost as out of place here as me, his presence in the club solidified the fact that I do not want to be there. After an indefinable amount of time listening to an adult talking in what might as well be gibberish, we split up into what activities we want to do. Wasting a week sit behind a computer sounds unbearable, so, I join the pack of people moving toward the mechanical room. As I start toward the room I pass him and I look forward, trying to avoid eye contact as one would when attempting to not provoke a wild animal. Then, my foot catches on something, I feel myself losing my balance and my weight shifts in an uncomfortable way. I

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