Personal Narrative: Rome

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Rome looks as stunning as every morning. Mina and I are walking on Via Napoleone towards the heart of the city, Station Termimi. A beautiful sunny day, with beautiful Romans standing alongside of us waiting for the next bus to arrive. Thanks to the Saint, who helped us on the fist day when we noticed we are no longer in Kabul anymore, now Mina and I are so familiar with this route, even blind folded we have the capabilities of noticing our arrival to the refugee center. Thanks to some of the peaceful leaders in the beloved nations of ours, the center is packed with human beings from every corner of the world. Today, at least a brother and a sister from the serene nation of Afghanistan. Fortunately, eight million more of us are on the way, aren't we the chosen…show more content…
Ann with her godly smile arrived to our table, and seeming very happy to see us after a few weeks. We informed her about the current situation. She is mumbling something in Italian, that except for God, Mina and I are unable to understand. One of us cannot wait any longer for the meal to arrive. How could anyone blame him? The cafeteria inside of the university walking distance to where Mina and I live in Rome, not even any close to what the Angels prepare for him at the Angel's Land. I am certain our mother back in Kabul, felt what the youngest of her eight was feeling in Rome. Ann is back and asking us if we would like to return the next evening and evening after as we wish, until our departure to America. Mina and I are thanking her once again for the love, affection and her kindness towards us, and we are indicating that hopefully someday we can make it up to her and the establishment. Ann responded back to us, to change the world for the better we must be good to those who cannot repay us. Also, let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in eyes, kindness in your
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