Personal Narrative Rough Draft

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Narrative- Draft Throughout my childhood I could never say I had the most exciting life, even now I can still say that about my daily routine. Although my family put effort into nurturing me into a well-rounded member of society since youth, I never felt any change or progress personally; it was more as if I simply adapted to whatever expectations my elders had of me. I know this feeling did not apply to me only, in fact, I was once in a classroom full of fifty-two people who accommodated to whatever came their way. As any good parents, my mother and father wanted my siblings and I to have the best education we could possibly afford; thus, unlike all my cousins, all three of us attended private schools. My sister, Ysa, is seven years my senior and she was the ideal child, always got perfect grades, kind, hardworking, and obedient. In contrast, my brother, JP, who is…show more content…
My class was very lively at first, but as the year progressed and the more lessons we had, the staler it became. It didn’t matter how many activities we did, we completed them for the sake of it without any enjoyment; eventually our behavior at school affected our behavior at home too and due to this none of my classmates were able to develop any kind of passion. We went there to learn, went home, did our assignments, and repeated that over and over and over again. All the habits that were imprinted onto us became harmful to the point in which half the class would shake in terror if they missed an assignment, the guilt of not doing it the night prior eating us away which in many cases caused nausea. During the five years we were in primary school, all students belonging to each classroom acted the same way as their classmates. We all had the same morals, and those who couldn’t handle it were removed by their parents or by the
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