Personal Narrative - Rough Draft

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Carleigh Grupe
Professor Schnell
English 1301
9 September 2015
Personal Narrative – Rough Draft
The lake glistened before me as my mom and I pulled into Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp just outside Twin Lakes Michigan. I had been accepted into the International Youth Symphony Orchestra program where after spending a week at the camp the entire orchestra would be heading off on a six week European Tour to share our musical talents and American culture with another part of the world. I knew traveling to a different continent would give me further insight as to who I was a person, but did not imagine the people I would meet would impact me as much as they did.
His name was Alex Peabody, a 16 year old junior from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although we weren’t best friends, we were still close with one another throughout the tour. He had messy brown hair that framed his round face and always wore a big flashy smile. One of my favorite moments with him was while we were waiting to board the bus to go the the airport. While we sat waiting, I was practicing my flute in preparation for our first concert in France. Many of the other students were practicing, talking, giggling, or sharing newly found favorite songs with their friends. The noise was deafening and created a carnival of sound that grew louder with each passing minute. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alex, a cello player, watching me practice, his eyes bright with fascination.
“Alex, do you know how to play flute?” I called to
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