Personal Narrative: Roxanne

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Me and my cousin Roxanne were close. She lived in the country, so my sisters and I would go to her house every Thanksgiving and play in the small woods that she had in her backyard. So many wonderful memories that I will never forget. Growing up, we would share each other’s secrets and promise each other not tell anyone. We would tell each other what was bothering us in our families, how we feel, the guys we dated, and the guys that broke our hearts. Over the years my sisters, me and Roxanne kept ourselves busy with school, church and our jobs. We grew apart and stopped talking to Roxanne less because of how busy we were. Sometimes we would not have thanksgiving at Roxanne’s house and have Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house. The last time we were all united, we noticed Roxanne had changed…show more content…
When she is absent, my sisters and I just sit in the living room of Roxanne’s being bored to death. Roxanne, my sisters and I are not as close as we use to. We do not see her as often as we use to do, and whenever we do see Roxanne, it is slightly difficult to have a conversation with her. My sisters and I have great care for her and wish her health to actually be healthier. Roxanne felt when she is gone for family gatherings, she felt like our family is growing apart and not getting along as we use to. Despite her alcoholic drinking, family issues and being absent for family gatherings, my sisters and I will never stop loving Roxanne. She needs love and attention and that is not what her parents gave her. My sisters and I consider Roxanne like a sister instead of a cousin, we will always share our secrets and help each other out with whatever emotion we are dealing with. Seeing that Roxanne still has some similarities with our childhood makes me happy that it stuck with her over the years. No matter what, my sisters and I will always love
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